Plato (ca. 300 v.C.)

Men moet niet proberen een deel van het lichaam te genezen zonder het geheel te behandelen.

Men moet geen poging doen het lichaam te genezen zonder de ziel.

Voor de gezondheid van het hoofd en het lichaam moet men beginnen met het genezen van de geest.

Want dit is het grootste misverstand van onze tijd bij de behandeling van het lichaam, dat artsen eerst de ziel van het lichaam scheiden.

Letter to my Body (engelse tekst)

Laat ons ook groeien door zorg te dragen voor ons lichaam!

Hello my body,

It’s to you that I want to say today, how much I thank you for being my companion since so many years in my journey.

I often did not pay much attention to you, nor did I give you the love or simply the respect that you deserve. Often I treated you very badly, screaming harsh words to you, ignoring you in so many ways, rejected you through my silences and doubts.

You the companion that I abused the most, and betrayed so much. Today, in the middle of my life, with some emotions, I rediscover you with your secrets scars, with lassitude, amazements and your possibilities.

I surprise myself feeling Love for you my body, with desires to touch you, to cherish you, to be good to you.

I would like to give you unique gifts just for you, to paint flowers and rivers on your skin, to offer you Mozart, to offer you the laughter of the sun and to bring you the dreams of stars. All this together, with abundance and pleasure.

My body I’m faithful to you. Ho no not in spite of me, but in the acceptance of a profound love for you. Yes, I discovered that you love me my body, that you took care of me, that you respected my presence.

How many violent acts did you confront so that I could be reborn! So that I could be and grow in you. How many sicknesses did you avoid, how many accidents did you take care of and saved my life!

Of course, some times I share you with someone else and I let her/him love you, and that person sometimes would like to take you…. If I let that happen.

My body, now that I found you, I won’t let you go.

We will live together until the end… and whatever happens in our life we will grow old together.

Autor Unknown